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[08♥Mar♥05 @ 11:45pm ]
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THE FIGHT [16♥Aug♥04 @ 04:50pm ]

a brick of ice cream + cake + Matt + Hannah = delight!

too bad Hannah and Mia got in a huge fight,
because Hannah threatened to punch Mia in the face.
so they went at it. And we took pictures.
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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS [14♥Jul♥04 @ 01:56am ]
[ mood | VICTORY ]


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underage touchey touchey [15♥Feb♥04 @ 05:31pm ]
[ mood | happy ]

my valentines day was so magical.

we kept it a secret that our band was the suprise opener for 2*Sweet
so The Smile Brigade played our first show
and then we partied hardy and had a big slumberparty and it was the most fun ever.

more pictures below:

But Tyler, I am a robot. we must talk about what you are doing with your hair, Tyler.Collapse )

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the AIRZOOKA is the most terrible thing ever and needs to die. for real. [24♥Jan♥04 @ 02:44pm ]
here is a summary of last night's activities. In list form:

1. I got a grand tour of DeKalb.
2. we recorded 2/3 songs, even though I think I messed one up with my craappy bass-ing and glockenshpeingwhatever I can't spell that insturment-ing. One of the songs was about doing crack.
4. there was this big box of clothing that nobody wanted anymore, so we raided it and ripped everything up and made superhero outfits for ourselves for when we sat in the fort.
5. we hung out in the fort, awesome style
6. we got in our underwear, Ben cooked for us, and we watched zombie movies
um I don't remember everything. Whatever.

902749824 pictures were taken. hillarious timerz.

Note all of the ripped up recycled clothing we are in. HOT STYLE.Collapse )
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g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-get it on [03♥Jan♥04 @ 01:38am ]

Hello again, summer of 2003.

-date with sinceimetyou, the cutest girl in the world, and
panicattacks, kickoutthejames, and davecalledsting, the three cutest boys in the world.
-I bought some Asian girl porn at the virgin megastore, since Dan was too much of a wuss to go up and buy it himself
-Everyone was really cute and it was a lot of fun, and we watched Family Guy at Dave's place and um that's all I can remember now.
-then we went to see HeWhoCorrupts and it was most excellent, indeed. But it was really really hot.
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[05♥Nov♥03 @ 05:33pm ]



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